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4 4. Start x Spell x The Town of Prize
Episode Summary
wen gon went in, someone told him that his father isn't in the game and guided gon into the game to let gon experience the game he made.POINT OF THE GAME:it is to collect the cards labeled from 0-99. basically there are 100 cards to collect and if u collect them u win the game and clear the game too. inorder to get card#00 u need to get card #1-99 first. ppl keep their cards in this book and inorder to summon the book u must have this ring and say "book". in the book there are selections where u can put. for example:magic spell cards etc. by the way if you killed another person b4 takin his cards, the dead person with his book and cards will disappear. this opens a new space for the card to appear again bc there is a specific amount of each card that exist. for example there is only ONE #2 CARD OR #? CARD and a bunch of ppl wants it 2 clear da game. but if u take the cards b4 killin da person then the cards won't disappear bc only the person will disappear. inorder to activate a card u must said "gain". but if u used "gain"3 times then the card will disappear. the magic cards can only be used once. a common magic card is accompany on which allows the player to teleport to somewhere else in da game. sometimes ppl in the game steal each other's card by bullying them, putting pressure on them, and threatening them especially threatenin their life to get the card that they want and need. IMPORTANT: the characters created in the game example:chef, cooks,etc. can only answer certain questions. at first wen gon and kea went, someone was about to attacked them but realized that they were begineers so he just put a trace card into kea(trace card (magic card): it is to track that person in the game nd find out what cards they got so far)kea and gon will noe what da card is lata on but now they dunno what da card is and both goes into town and eat first. then wen they went out they heard a bomb went off and the bomb killed a person. We learned that from the stranger who confronted gon and kea that the ppl who put bomb onto another person are called bombers nd wat they do is that they threat ur life using bombs unless u giv them all ur cards dat u've collected. the stranger brought them to his group meeting. this person told them that they have a way of beating the game which is why gon adn kea are following him to his group meeting bc they're interested in the group's method.
Author Comments
the game is further more explained and this episode contains a lot of information about the rules of the game. i dunno if i explained it well and if i didn't then u really need to see it inorder to understand the game better and what's going on and the events that's going to happen in the future of this game. (spoiler: gon and kea didn't join the group.why? read until next episode summary or watch the anime!)

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