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2 2. Electricity x Aura x Ultimate Technique
Episode Summary
both gon and kea are upset but r willin to practice. kea noe where to start his training from nad left gon (kea hopes dat gon can figure it out on his own and noes he can do it) gon rite now is clueless about where to start. at firs he asked kpika to train him but kpika said no and asked him to ask his former trainer mr.wing(if dat's his name)from da sky arena. kpika also told gon how he started his training and adapt to it. gon called mr.wing and mr.wing said not to use kpika's method of training but didn't tell gon where to start his training from. instead he told gon a clue of where to start his training from. gon listened and repeated the clue over again in his head and then punched the wall. then gon figured out where to start his trainig from. kpika had to leave to go bak serving his master(rememba he's a bodyguard now)the day of the test has finally arrived.
Author Comments
nothing much happened in this episode. but it's an introduction of gon and kea's new ability. ps kea's ability is playing iwth electricity. gon'a new ability is punching and breaking solid things.

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