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8 8. Thoughtfulness x Hopelessness x The Spider's Downfall
Episode Summary
Hisoka calls kpika on the cell and kpika is pissed off.So is pokunada.Pokunada tells hisoka to go away and kpika ask him what dos he want. Hisoka replies that he wants to battle the leader of the mirage team.(remember the setting is at night wif two aircraft and they're makin the trade(gon and kea for the mirage's leader)hisoka say that if they dun let him on the aircraft then he'll kill gon and kea.so they let him on the aircraft to somewhere else deserted to the mountain side where they made the trade and the trade is sucess.hisoka ask the leader 4 battle but the leader said no cus he can't use his nen ability due to the chain kpika put on him. hisoka thought he was lying at first but then he realize it was the truth. hisoka and poganda all went away on the aircraft while gon kea etc. went away on the other aircraft. pokunada tells every1 about kpika's skill and got killed. (remember:b4 kpika chained his heart and said if she tell any1 about her ability she'll die)kuroro da leader is going to head to the east just like the prophecy ms.nevis predicted.
Author Comments
in order to understand dis episode u really need to watch about the 8 previous ones first.

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